SBMT2200 Social Enterprise Internship Program

Ready to use your business smarts to make a positive impact on the community? 



Under the guidance of experienced supervisors of social enterprises, you can work as a regular staff member on projects and gain experience in social entrepreneurship during your winter or summer break.

This program allows you to obtain solid working experience at a real workplace, touch with the front stage and backstage of the service, and understand the society from a social good perspective. The experience will help you understand more about yourself and your interested profession. It also gives you an excellent foundation if you are pursuing a career in non-profit management and social advocacy. 

The extended objective is to gain valuable working experience in a real job environment while having the opportunity to engage with both the front-stage and back-stage aspects of service. This includes understanding society from the perspective of non-profit organizations and applying business knowledge to provide valuable assistance to agencies in need.


  • to work in NGOs and Social Enterprises (SE), applying relevant skills, and pursuing a career in organizations that focus on social impact and sustainable development. 
  • to apply skills to real-world challenges, applying expertise in areas such as project management, research, advocacy, fundraising, communications, or any other relevant field to contribute to the organization's mission and goals. 
  • to explore the careers in NGOs and SE, gaining experience in different roles, departments, or even different organizations within the sector. The goal is to broaden knowledge, gain exposure, and identify areas of interest and expertise. 
  • to give business solutions to NGOs and SE. involve applying entrepreneurial thinking, strategic planning, financial management, or other business-related skills to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of the organization's operations and impact. 
  • to facilitate personal growth, engaging in activities that foster personal growth, resilience, and self-awareness. 

Student Eligibility

  • Full-time HKUST business undergraduates and dual degree program students are welcome
  • Since most of the NGO/Social Enterprise partners are serving the local community, candidates should be capable of communicating in Cantonese
  • Commitment and passion for serving the community

Our NGO Partners for Summer 2023/24

  • Education for Good CIC Limited
  • Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation
  • Feeding Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong PHAB Association
  • Hong Kong Red Cross
  • Junior Achievement (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Lions Kidney Educational Centre & Research Foundation
  • Make-A-Wish Hong Kong
  • Orbis Hong Kong
  • Storius Limited
  • The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
  • The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF

For more information, please get in touch with us at, or call (852) 2358 7540.