Centaline Charity Fund for Community Service Projects


HKUST Business School aims to nurture young business professionals to make a positive impact on society by utilizing the business knowledge learnt in the university. With generous funding donated by Centaline Charity Fund, business undergraduates are encouraged to apply to the Fund for support of the implementation of their community service projects.


  • To encourage our business undergraduates to serve and contribute to local underprivileged groups
  • To enhance students’ understanding of and foster their sense of commitment and responsibilities
  • To nurture students’ all-round qualities, especially integrity, perseverance, teamwork, leadership and compassion
  • To strengthen students’ professional knowledge and skills by applying concepts, knowledge, skills and methodologies learned from business courses to specific, real-world problems and issues

Funded Projects in the Past

  • Hand in Hand (Partnered with “Save the Children”)

Student Eligibility

  • All non-final semester HKUST business undergraduates and dual degree program students are welcome
  • Students can apply either individually or in a group
  • With a strong passion to serve the community!

Funding Support

The funding for each approved project will normally range from HK$5,000 to HK$20,000. All approved projects must be implemented within the period of September 2023 to August 2024. The amount of funding for each project shall be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Assessment Panel.

The UG Programs Office of HKUST Business School reserves the right on the final decision of the application result and funding amount for each approved project. 

Application Method

Interested students should submit the completed Application Form by email to Undergraduate Student Development & Career Services (HKUST Business School) at bmcareer@ust.hk. The application will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. 

Assessment Panel

Shortlisted applicaticants may be invited for interviews (note: for group application, at least 1 student proposer must attend the interview). Assessment Panel will review all proposals according to the following criteria:

  • The degree of students’ initiatives and participation
  • The degree of understanding on the background of the target beneficiaries
  • Alignment with the funding’s objectives
  • The degree of operational feasibility
  • Potential impact on societal issues or problems
  • Number of beneficiaries and its impact on beneficiaries (note: over 50% of project beneficiaries must be from the local community)
  • The degree of justifiability of the budget
  • If appropriate and adequate evaluation of project outcomes are clearly planned
  • Level of support from other resources

Financial Guidelines and Arrangement

  • The project must be implemented from September 2023 to August 2024. The UG Programs Office of HKUST Business School (The Office) cannot fund any events retroactively
  • All the expenses will be granted on a reimbursement basis after the completion of the project. Student organizers should submit all the original receipts within one month after the completion date of the project. The Office reserves the right not to make any reimbursement approved project subject to the completion of the project and submission of the required receipt(s) within the required timeframe
  • All items of expenditure must by supported by original receipts. Name of purchased item(s), purchase date, total amount AND company name / company stamp must be shown clearly on the receipts according to the requirements of Finance Office. In the absence of an original receipt, justifications must be provided for special approval. The Office reserves the right not to make any reimbursement based on invalid justification
  • The approved funding cannot be used to provide any salary compensation or other monetary reward for any persons
  • General operating expenses for student organizations are also not covered
  • To encourage sustainable procurement and environmental responsibility, funding may be used for minor equipment necessary for completion of the project but not for purchase of capital equipment/ fixed assets, e.g. camera, printer, laptop and etc.
  • Purchase of prizes to be used as incentives is generally discouraged
  • Funding can be used for group transportation to and from a service location, meals and accommodation for service recipients. However, travel, meals and accommodation costs for student organizers alone are not covered
  • All the expenses on food & beverage should be limited to HK$100 per participant in accordance to HKUST’s policy on student activities’ expense reimbursement
  • Prior application for approval is required for any purchase of services/ single item of goods over HK$5,000. Please submit the request to the Office at bmcareer@ust.hk before the purchase
  • The Office reserves the right to withold reimbursement to any expenses incurred for which no valid document and/or receipt(s) have been submitted.

Post-project Report

Student organizers are required to submit a final report (note: a template will be sent to the student organizers concerned), financial report, survey sample and results, participant list (student full name and student ID are required) and 10 photos (at least 1.5MB for each photo) within one month of completion.




Aug 2023 onwards

Announcement of the fund

Aug 2023 onwards

Application Deadline

Interested students should submit the completed Application Form by email to bmcareer@ust.hk

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. Shortlisted applicants may be invited for interviews.

Sep 2023 – Aug 2024

Implementation of the approved projects by students

Within 1 month from the project completion

Submission of the post-project report and the original receipts for reimbursement

After submission of all required documents

Deposit of the reimbursement to the bank account of the applicant(s)


For more details, please contact Ms. Violet CHAN of the Undergraduate Student Development & Career Services Team (HKUST Business School) at bmcareer@ust.hk.