Franklin Fund for Business Competitions

HKUST Business School (SBM) was honored to receive a generous donation from the Morris S. Smith Foundation. Known as the “Franklin Fund for Business Competitions”, the fund aims to equip undergraduate students with international business competition experience outside of Hong Kong by providing financial support. The fund was established for the following purposes:

• To provide partial funding support to undergraduate students at the SBM to engage in business case, business plan and entrepreneurship competitions outside of Hong Kong (including but not limited to competition entrance fees, passport and visa costs, vaccinations, travel, lodging and meals);

• To recognize and honor Professor Laurence C. Franklin for his 20 years of teaching as an Adjunct Professor at the SBM;

• To encourage alumni and friends of SBM to consider establishing and donating to the Franklin Fund or to similar endowment funds to benefit the SBM.

For enquiry, please contact UG Student Development and Career Services at