Credit-Bearing Course - SBMT3300

The HKUST Business School (SBM) believes that through participating in business competitions, students can draw upon the concepts and principles learned throughout their study. This allows students to acquire effective techniques for interpersonal communication and teamwork in addition to real life opportunities and experience of thinking-on-your-feet. It also simulates the urgency, complexity, and uncertainty prevalent in "real-world" business organizations.

Undergraduate business students who attain certain level of achievement in business competitions (e.g. finalists/ winning teams in business competitions), may make applications for enrolling in SBMT 3300 Business Competitions and earn 1 credit in the Winter / Summer Semester. Approval will be granted on a case-by-case-basis.

Important Notes

  • SBMT 3300 will open in Winter and Summer Semester for all Full-time undergraduate business students (UGC-funded) only
  • Approval from SBM will be granted on a case-by-case basis with reference to the format and screening process of the business competitions
  • Student who has successfully enrolled in SBMT 3300 can earn 1 credit
  • Students may repeat the course for credits in different terms if different case competitions are taken

Application Method

  • Each team should send ONE representative to submit the competition details to ask for endorsement of the eligibility of the Business Competition that you have participated. Please stay tuned with your email about the details. 
  • If you have been notified that you are eligible, you will be asked to complete an online application form, together with the following supporting documents for application. 
    • A confirmation of entry and participation in the competition
    • A notification of the competition result
    • An individual Reflective Paper (please refer to the “Reflective Paper Guidelines” as stipulated below)
    • A zip file of minimum 6 photos taken during the competition (Size of the jpeg file: at least 1MB each) Students who miss the respective deadlines will NOT be considered further

Reflective Paper Guidelines

The Reflective Paper is designed to help you formally consider what you have learned and organize it through writing. The following will guide you through the process.

Applicants must write an articulate, well-reasoned statement of purpose (minimum one A4 page but no more than two pages in length). Below are the questions that you have to answer in your reflective paper.

  • What have you learned?
  • Has this experience broadened your horizons? If yes, in what ways?
  • Have you developed new appreciations?
  • How has this learning affected your views of the world and the universe?
  • What impact might this experience have on your lifelong learning process?
  • Will what you have learned change your behavior in the future? If yes, in what ways?

List of the latest business competitions endorsed by the HKUST Business School

  • Champion of HKGCC Business Case Competition
  • Champion of HKSI Case Competition
  • Champion & Best Presentation of HSBC Life Insurance Innovation Competition
  • Champion of Retail Reimagined Challenge
  • Champion & Best Presentation of Enactus HK Global Social Innovation Challenge (IBM X The Mills Fabirca)
  • Champion of HSBC X Yahoo Finance Youth Programme
  • Championship of ACCA Hong Kong Business Competition
  • Championship of EY Academy CSR Challenge
  • Championship of Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge
  • Championship of NIVEA U Combat!
  • First runner up of HKUST International Case Competition 
  • First runner up of Oliver Wyman Impact Case Competition (Hong Kong)
  • Second runner up of HKFBS ESG Challenge
  • Top 3 of L’Oreal Brandstorm (Local Round)
  • Top 3 of McGill Management International Case Competition
  • Top 3 of QP Case Analysis Competition
  • Winning teams of AllianzGI’s Business Competition
  • Winning teams of CFA Institute Research Challenge
  • Winning teams of HKUST X SOW Asia Social Good Entrepreneurship Case Competition
  • Winning teams of HKSTP Venture Capital on Campus Investment Challenge 
  • Winning teams of CMA Young Post Green Manufacturing Competition
  • Winning teams of Joint University Outstanding Marketing Award
  • International Winner of REVEAL by L'Oreal
  • Grand Final of Accenture Risk Management Challenge
  • Final Round of AlphaSights Case Competition
  • Final Round of Asian Student Business Plan Competition organized by The Licensing Executives Society
  • Final Round of Cathay Pacific Hackathon
  • Final Round of Cosmo GIRL! PROJECT CG! Undergraduates Real Challenges
  • Final Round of Deloitte Club uShine Case Challenge
  • Final Round of Fidelity Student Innovation Case Challenge
  • International Final of Henkel Innovation Challenge
  • Finalist teams of HKICS Corporate Governance Paper Competition
  • Final Round of HSBC Financial Dialogue Series CSR challenge
  • Final Round of ICAP Case Challenge
  • Final Round of ISACA Student Group Annual Case Competition
  • Final Round of HSBC x LSE x Asia Investment Banking Conference M&A Case Study Competition
  • Round 3 of HSBC YDC Young Entrepreneur Challenge
  • Final Round of Joint University Student Training in Entrepreneurship Program Spring Intake – 30 Day Challenge
  • Final Round of KPMG Corporate Culture Case Analysis Competition
  • Final Round of SCMP/IFPHK Financial Planner Awards
  • Final Round of Shadow Entrepreneur

 *The School reserves the right to make any changes on the above guidelines without prior notice.

Please feel free to contact Ms. Ellen Yiu of UG Student Development & Career Services, School of Business & Management at for enquiries.