Case Competition Achievements

HKUST Business School Students Won Several Case Competitions 

HKUST Business School encourages our students to participate different local and international case competitions to get challenged by real-life business problems and gain experience to develop their confidence and analytical skills. Recently, our business undergraduates won the following case competitions:   

  • Agorize Business Case Competition (Edition 3)
  • Asia Investment & Banking Conference (AIBC) - Asset Management Competition
  • Cyberport Creative Micro Fund Cross-Boundary Programme - Cyberport Guangdong-Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Programme
  • E-Commerce Challenge Startup 
  • EY Academy CSR Challenge (FinTech & Healthy Living)
  • Hang Seng Insurance x CUHK Business School Case Competition
  • HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition
  • ISACA Student Group Annual Case Competition
  • Loreal Brandstorm
  • Quinlan & Associates Financial Strategy and Consulting Challenge
  • SCMP Young Marketer of Tomorrow Contest
  • SYSBS-Ivey International Case Competition
  • USC Marshall International Case Competition
  • World Bank Impact Challenge, Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, 2018 Asia Pacific Conference, Kuala Lumpur

Students’ Sharing

Agorize Business Case Competition (Edition 3)

“As we are working on mental health insurance, this learning kind of inspiring me that the business world and society can be combined together effectively to have a synergy effect. Not only helping the company to capture market value and gain money, but more importantly in the same time helping society.”--- YEUNG Chi Man (ECON, Year 1)


Asia Investment & Banking Conference (AIBC) 2018- Asset Management Competition

“This competition has given me confidence to push for greater things in life. Prior to this, I am the kind of person who usually believe that I might not be able to achieve great things. With this confidence, it sends a message that translate to efforts equal success. It doesn’t matter how handicapped you are, as long as you’re willing to put in the work and effort, success will come.”--- NEO Choon Hoong Colin (QFIN, Year 3)


Cyberport Creative Micro Fund Cross-Boundary Programme - Cyberport Guangdong-Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Programme

“Firstly, I get to work with professional mainlanders (which is quite an experience as it is almost impossible for a Hong Kong university student to have an opportunity to work with mainland professionals). This helped me to understand a lot about mainland China’s culture, business opportunities, environment and working condition. Though the network is very advance and Hong Kong people can understand and access information about mainland China, it is never better to directly cooperate with mainlanders and have deep chat with them about the business conditions of mainland China. Secondly, I get to work with tons of entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and mainland China. As I just set foot in this circle, I have never known much about start-up and entrepreneurship before and this competition allows me to understand a lot of relevant information in a short period of time.” --- CHANG Tsun Hei (Undeclared, Year 1)


EY Academy CSR Challenge

“An eye-opening experience to the real insurtech industry is the biggest benefit I got from this case competition. As I am a Finance major student, I initially did not have much understanding of the professional technological knowledge used currently by Covergo, which claims api technology as their greatest competitive edge among all other existing competitors. I remember I was totally at a loss at the first meeting with Covergo when their CEO gave a brief explanation of their company as I was introduced a lot of unfamiliar or even unheard technological terms. From the stage of knowing nothing to being able to come up with innovative solutions for Covergo to grow to greater heights, many of my teammates and I really devoted a lot of time and effort in researching online and communication with their CEO. We got to know more about how technology can be incorporated into insurance selling and brings the insurance transaction to another level of convenience and customization. Without our determination and Covergo's passionate help, we would surely have never won the game.” --- CHUNG Hiu Ling (FINA, Year 2)


Loreal Brandstorm 2019

“For this competition, we had to come up with an innovative skincare experience with AI technology for health-conscious consumers. The product has to be scalable, useful, feasible, innovative and sustainable. To combine all those fancy words into one product, not only do we have to create an incredible idea, we also had to do a lot of research to back us up. It was a lot of digging into research papers, watching videos on YouTube and learning new terminologies. The most fulfilling thing I have done was to actually create an app for our project, which I believe the skill that I have learnt about software developing will definitely benefit my future projects.” --- LAM Lok Yin Josephine (GBUS, Year 1)


Quinlan & Associates Financial Strategy and Consulting Challenge

“The experience definitely broadened my horizons in different ways. I am allowed to have the unique opportunity to research and exchange my ideas with different participants and to the expertise through this case competition. Furthermore, as the champion team of this competition,

our team would have the chance to have dinner with the CEO of Quinlan & Associates, who is a pioneer and expert in financial consulting and fintech development. I believe that dinner gathering would certainly give me a broader perspective of what the financial industry would be in the future.” ---TAM Ka Kiu (GBUS, Year 2)


SYSBS-Ivey International Case Competition

“Aspiring to become a consultant someday, being able to participate and win the 2018 SYSBS-Ivey International Case Competition has brought me one step closer to my aspiration and had become a milestone in my university life. Training for the case competition has sharpened my analytical mindset and watching other teams’ presentation had been a steep learning curve. Coming from a rather humble family, I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the case competition, explore China, and connect with so many amazing individuals.” ---SO Ho Ying (GBUS, Year 2)


World Bank Impact Challenge, Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, 2018 Asia Pacific Conference, Kuala Lumpur

“My first key takeaway is working under stress. It was my first time joining a case competition abroad, and teaming up with strangers from all around the world. The three-hour time limit was extremely intense given we had limited time for research and often had debates on the details of our idea. However, this experience also allowed me to learn how to cope with immense level of stress and work with people from very diverse backgrounds.” --- WANG Wei Tong Phoebe (GBUS, Year 2)