Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center

The Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center is established by the Undergraduate Programs Office with the sponsorship of the Dr. Karen Lee Memorial Fund in memory of the late Dr. Karen Lee, faculty member of HKUST Business School. Dr. Lee was a dedicated professor who recognized the value and importance of mentoring in helping students to identify their personal and professional goals.

To carry on these objectives, the Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center will become a centralized hub for mentoring activities with a planned location to be an expansion of the current G/F open study area. The Center will include a learning commons, meeting/advising rooms, and a relaxation area for students. Various events and activities such as the Career Mentorship Program, Public Services Internship Scholarships, Peer Mentoring Program, and UG Get-Togethers are supported by the Center.

Learn more about the up-to-date activities of the Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center by visiting the Center Website: https://klcenter.hkust.edu.hk

Career Mentorship Program

The Career Mentorship Program aims at providing valuable opportunities for our undergraduate business students to seek advice on career direction and life goals from Mentors who are experienced professionals and senior executives from across different industries. The Undergraduate Programs Office will organize several gatherings throughout the mentorship program to facilitate the two-way participation between Mentors and Mentees, in addition to ongoing self-organized interaction opportunities.

Public Services Internship Scholarships

The objective of this scholarship is to encourage top business students to consider taking public sector internships to serve the community during the Winter and/or Summer term and honor those who have achieved outstanding performance in the internship.

Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Mentoring program is organized to help new students adapt to the University and to strengthen their sense of belonging and familiarity with their peers. The program provides an opportunity for senior students to share their positive experiences with newcomers and creates a valuable opportunity for these senior students to receive experience as a student mentor. In addition, this program is a helpful student support network to assist students with daily issues such as credit transfer, course registration, extra-curricular planning, and etc.

UG Get-Togethers

The UG Get-Togethers provides an opportunity for faculty, pre-major advisors, and students to mix and mingle in a relaxed environment with the objective to cultivate and strengthen a culture of care in undergraduate student mentoring. These gatherings are open drop-in, allowing students to ‘take a break’ from their studies and enjoy a friendly chit chat with faculty and pre-major advisors with no set agenda. Each gathering is student-oriented and has a popular snack theme to attract students.

Take Faculty to Lunch Program

This lunch program aims to enhance mentoring relationships by providing a friendly and casual opportunity for faculty and students to meet and interact with each other outside of the classroom and/or office. Students were able to invite their favorite faculty, along with 1-2 schoolmates, for a casual on-campus lunch sponsored by the center. The program brings faculty and students closer together and helps to build a stronger mentoring bond.

Faculty Training Workshops

It is important for the Center to provide basic training in mentoring or advising capacity. Faculty and colleagues should be equipped with some knowledge and skills which can be applied in the mentoring situations in the following areas:

  • Enhance listening and communication skills
  • Enhance awareness of others’ emotions and empathy
  • Understanding own strengths, potentials, and capabilities to use in relevant mentoring/advising environments
  • Build a trusting relationship with students

Throughout the year, the center will arrange various training workshops with these objectives for faculty.