Pre Exchange

Visa Application

You are responsible for obtaining a student visa for the country of the institution you are planning to attend before leaving Hong Kong. The visa process may take some time so you should apply as early as possible. For details of the Consulates of different countries, please click here.

Course Equivalence System

To help plan and choose your overseas courses, you can check course equivalency details on the Course Equivalence System. This is for your reference only and is subject to change.

Credit Transfer Guidelines

SBM has a credit load and overloading policy which will also apply during exchange. Exchange students can transfer a maximum of 18 credits from semester abroad. Students with a CGA of 3.3 or above in their fall or spring term before exchange, can transfer up to 21 credits, subject to SBM approval. For winter or summer programs, students can transfer a maximum number of 10 credits.

The entire course assessment and credit transfer process is handled by the Academic Registry Office. Students can refer to the procedures listed on their website. Inquiries can be sent to

NOTE on Virtual Courses: SBM UG Students are permitted to take ONE virtual course a semester, regardless of credit load. [Updated on 27 April 2021].  

Travel Insurance

You will be automatically subscribed to the University's Travel Insurance for outgoing exchange. The plan provides insurance cover for travelling in the destination country of the exchange study. SFAO will provide insurance details to all successful exchange students.

Your host institution may have additional insurance requirements. In this case, you should also purchase the plan provided by your host institution, either before or after you arrive at you destination. Your host institution's exchange coordinator will provide details on how or where to buy this insurance.

Insurance cover is mandatory, if you do not fully comply with all the insurance requirements you will not be allowed to go on the exchange.

Financial Support

Need help covering the expenses while you travel and learn? There are several sources for financial assistance through SFAO, OGL, and SBM. The schemes are outlined below. Successful exchange applicants will be separately provided with more details of these financial aid schemes.

University Scholarships (SFAO)

Several University Scholarships available through the Students Financial Aid Office(SFAO) to assist with the cost of your exchange program:

  • Aji-No-Chinmi Co (HK) Ltd Scholarship for Overseas Experience
  • China Merchants Scholarship
  • Edmond Yue Exchange Scholarship for Heilongjiang Students
  • Forewide 20th Anniversary Exchange Scholarship
  • Fung Scholarships
  • HKUST Alumni Endowment Fund - Exchange Scholarships for Non-local Students
  • HSBC Overseas Scholarship Scheme
  • Hung Choh Jan Fong Scholarships
  • Kowloon Investment Co. Ltd. Overseas Exchange Scholarships
  • Lee Hysan Foundation Exchange Scholarships
  • Lo Bo Wing Memorial Exchange Scholarship
  • The Centaline Eagle Club Exchange Programme Scholarship
  • University of British Columbia Incoming Exchange Student Award

These scholarships are handled by the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office (SFAO) and for more details on these awards, please visit the SFAO Scholarship website.

Exchange Sponsorship (OGL)

Exchange Sponsorship is offered through the Office of Global Learning (OGL). The schemes that are available include:

  • HKUST Study Aboard Sponsorship (for local and non-local; non-means tested)
  • Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students (for local only; means-tested)
  • Subsidy on Exchange to "Belt and Road" Regions for Post-secondary Students (for local only; means-tested)

These sponsorships are handled by the OGL. For more details on these sponsorship schemes, please visit the OGL Study Abroad website.

Travel-related Financial Award Schemes (SBM)

besides scholarships and sponsorships, our Business School also offers SBM travel-related financial award schemes:

  • Wong Chak Chui international enrichment Scholarship (for local and non-local; means-tested; CGA 2.85)
  • International Enrichment Grant (for local and non-local; means-tested)
  • Franklin Fund (for local; means and non-means tested)

These schemes are handled by SBM. For details on the International Enrichment Scholarship/ Grant, please visit the website.

Buddy Program

To help you learn more about your Exchange University, SBM has a one-on-one Exchange Buddy Program in which you will be paired with an incoming exchange student from your Exchange University.

In this program, you will act as his/her Buddy Ambassador and meet your buddy at the airport to help him/her wherever you can throughout his/her short stay in Hong Kong. In the meantime, he/she can help you prepare for you exchange to his/her university.

The Buddy program will help you make new friends and understand more about your host institution, and the culture and traditions of the country which you will visit for your Exchange Program soon.