Post Exchange

Credit Transfer Procedures

Students can apply for credit transfer after their Exchange. As the entire process is handled by ARO, please refer to the below links and email:

By email:
In person: ARR, Academic Registry, Room 1381, Academic Building, HKUST
Website: http: //

Exchange Study Report

Your report is an important source of information that enables future exchange students to learn more about the institution you attended, the courses and services it offers, and campus life. Your personal experience is extremely valuable and worth sharing.

Reports should be submitted online within 30 days of your return. The report has 5 parts including a section to upload photos. Thus, please read the instructions carefully before you begin submission. As this is about your experience overseas, please note that each report is an individual effort. Any students found copying other reports will be penalized.

Exchange Study Report

What NOT TO include:

  • Student ID Personal contacts (e.g. email address, mobile, etc.)
  • Swear words
  • Inappropriate contents

If you submit a report with inappropriate content you will be asked to re-submit the article.

Exchange Study Report Format

The report should be 4-8 typed pages and include five parts:

Suggested areas to cover 


Monthly Activity Log

Write a log of one paragraph for each month highlighting some of your interesting exchange experiences, activities, impressions & places of interest.

    General Exchange Information

    Write details which would help future students prepare for their exchange on the suggested following topics. Be sure to include any helpful tips or difficulties and solutions you have encountered.
    • Visa Procedures
    • Orientation Activities
    • International Services & Activities
    • Accommodations
    • Courses Registration
    • Teaching & Assessment Methods
    • Sports & Recreation Facilities
    • Finance & Banking (including currency / expenses)
    • Social Clubs & Networking Opportunities
    • Health & Safety
    • Food
    • Transportation
    • Climate
    • Communication
    • Cautionary measures
    • Other notes (if applicable)

    Items to Bring

    Create a checklist of Items to Bring.

      Useful Links and Contacts

      Include websites and contacts which you have found useful.

        Best Practices of Host University (Optional)

        If you have encountered/observed any good practices while on exchange from your host university in any area (ie: exchange, career, enrichment programs, etc) feel free to let us know for improvement.