Mainland Exchange Program

Students can only go on semester exchange once in our program – Overseas or Mainland Exchange, but not both. The Mainland exchange CGA requirement is also 2.65, except for Fudan, Peking, and Tsinghua where the CGA is 3.0 and no failing courses. The Mainland program selection criteria are similar to the criteria for Overseas Exchanges. The main difference is that NO INTERVIEW is required. The scoring will solely be based on a student’s CGA and online application.

Usually, the Mainland Exchange application opens after the Overseas Application and follow the below application periods:

Exchange TermApplication periodStudents who can apply
3rd Year Fall Exchange Feb - Mar Year-2 students at the begining of Spring
3rd Year Spring Exchange Spet - Oct Year-3 students at the begining of Fall
4th Year Fall Exchange Feb - Mar Year-3 students at the begining of Spring

There are currently 14 Mainland China universities in the exchange program. This program is administered by the OGL (Office of Global Learning). More details on this program can be found at the OGL website. Inquiries about this program can be emailed to:

Mainland Exchange Application

Fall 2023

Application Open: TBC
Application Deadline: TBC
Application Link:
Program Link:
Documents to Submit: Completed online application, CV, and Transcript

*Successful students must sign a SBM Undertaking in addition to the OGL one.