Exchange FAQs

1. Can I apply for an Exchange without attending an interview?

No, you cannot. All applicants meeting a CGA of 2.65 must attend an interview to be eligible for exchange.

2. When should I submit my TOEFL/IELTS score?

Not all partners require English scores. You only need to submit your TOEFL/IELTS scores if the university you are applying to (ie: Indiana University) requires it. Refer to this link for a full list of partners requiring English scores.

3. If selected, when should I confirm the offer?

Once you are notified of your exchange offer, you will need to confirm your participation through the online accept/decline system within ONE WEEK of the result announcement and submit a HK$1,000 cash deposit to our office (Room 1037, 1/F, LSK).

4. Can I apply for an Overseas Exchange (Spring) then Mainland Exchange (Fall)?

No. You can only participate in the SBM Exchange Program once - either on an Overseas Exchange or on a Mainland Exchange, but not both.

5. If I fail to receive a Year 2 exchange offer can I reapply for the Mainland?

Yes, you can.

6. What it the best way to choose exchange universities?

You should conduct thorough research on different universities and choose a school that you feel matches your academic background and is right for YOUR personal objectives.

For reference, you may also refer to previous exchange students’ study reports posted in the outbound exchange website for details on the course offerings, characteristics, culture, past student experiences, and such. Students may also want to refer to rankings and course equivalencies. All this information can be studied and will be useful for you to make an informed choice on your exchange choices.

7. Do I need to defer if an exchange university has a term clash with HKUST?

If you want to take an exchange at an institution that has clashing terms with HKUST, you might need to take the risk of deferring for one term. In this case, you will need to decide whether the deferment and the inconvenience caused are worth the exchange opportunity.

8. I am unsure what destination to choose for exchange. Can I email the exchange university to get more information?

No. Students are not allowed to email our exchange partners during the application process or they will be DISQUALIFIED. Instead, you may contact our exchange team if you have any exchange questions.

9. How can I get information about courses offered in my exchange university?

There are several ways to access this information. Course details can be found in the Fact Sheet of our exchange partners. Or students can check our partners’ website. Alternatively, students can refer to past students’ exchange reports.

10. Do I need to prepare for credit transfer before my exchange term?

You can do this either before or after your exchange term. It is a good idea to get pre-approval before you go on exchange to get a better idea on which courses can transfer back.

11. Will the school help me to apply for a visa?

No. When you receive an Acceptance Letter from your exchange university we will also provide an Approval Letter to you which can be used to support your visa application. With the relevant documents, you will need to apply for the student visa yourself.

12. Do I need to pay tuition fees to my exchange university?

No. Exchange students only need to pay the tuition fees of HKUST.

13. When do I need to submit my Exchange Report?

Students are to submit their online Exchange Study Report at the end of the exchange term and within 30 days of your return to Hong Kong.