Exchange Choices

University of California, Berkeley

Exchange Student Personal Report ( in PDF format )

2021-22 Spring

2019-20 Spring

2018-19 Spring

2016-17 Fall

Useful Information

Other Notes

UC Berkeley – MANDATORY FEE OF $320 USD for the Golden Bear Orientation. Students who do not wish to pay this fee, must select another campus.

Notes on Campus Allocation
Please note that there are no guarantees on chosen UC campuses. Although students can indicate which UC campus they prefer, the final campus allocation will be decided by UC and no request for switching will be permitted. Thus, students should bear this in mind and must be prepared to attend any UC campus when selecting this school. For details of the campus descriptions, please click here.

For students who wish to apply after considering the above, please observe the below requirements and etc.

Prerequisities Requirement
At the University of California, you need to have the following four prerequisite courses in order to register for their business courses:
1. Introduction to Microeconomics
2. Introduction to Macroeconomics
3. Calculus
4. Statistics

When students apply to UC, Berkeley or Los Angeles-Economics, in addition to having university-level introductory micro- and macro- economics, statistics and calculus, they must also have successfully completed intermediate-level microeconomics and intermediate-level macroeconomics before arrival at UC.

Courses Offering
Below Econ courses are not open to exchange students:
1/2 Introductions to Economics
100A/101A Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
100B/101B Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
140/141 Econometrics

Accounting courses are not available for exchange students except at UC Berkeley, Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz.

Notes on selecting UC campuses
- Undergraduate Majors
- Prerequisites for Selected Majors

Estimated Living Exepnses

Exchange students need to buy a mandatory insurance plan. Please see the below links for more details.


Possible Quota for all UC campuses: 2-3