Exchange Choices

New York University (2018-19 Spring)


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Useful Information

Other Notes
The NYU Orientation is MANDATORY. Please do not select this school if you cannot attend due to internship or other programs.

Course Selection
- Exchange students may enroll in TWO Finance classes only.

- Exchange students may enroll in one course outside Stern Business School, i.e. at the College of Arts and Science (CAS). The only exception to this policy is for Economics classes as most of them are offered through CAS. Students can take more than one non-Stern class ONLY if it is an Economics class at CAS.

- Exchange students may take a maximum of TWO Economics classes. The Economics classes can either be both at Stern, both at CAS or one from Stern and one from CAS.

Selection Criteria
Students with low grade in Business Courses will not be accepted by this university.

Possible Quota: 0-1