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KU Leuven, Belgium

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2022-23 Fall

2021-22 Spring

2019-20 Spring

2019-20 Fall

2018-19 Spring

2017-18 Spring

2017-18 Fall

2016-17 Fall

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Campus Selection 
KU Leuven has 4 campus, 3 of which offers English courses and can be selected by exchange students:
  1. Campus Antwerp has some interesting Business courses with a focus on the Harbor logistics (but of course there also other courses)
  2. Campus Brussels has a strong focus on Business and Management (both Bachelor and Master entirely in English with additional minors)
  3. Campus Leuven has a smaller offer in the Bachelor but it has a large offer for the Master with many interesting courses in Economics.
Bachelor students with a minimum of 120 credits obtained can register for some master courses on condition they meet the course prerequisites. For Bachelor students with a minimum of 180 credits obtained all the master courses available for exchanges students will be open for selection if they meet the course prerequisites.

Possible Quota: 1-2