Exchange Choices

University of Mannheim, Germany

Exchange Student Personal Report ( in PDF format )

2022-23 Fall

2019-20 Fall

2018-19 Spring

2016-17 Spring

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Other Notes
For the University of Mannheim, we have 2 separate faculty exchange programs. Thus, all students choosing this institution should note the following arrangement:

• Business School - Exchange-Out for Spring semester only
• Economics Department – Exchange-out for Fall semester only

*students are not be able to request a change in school/dept after accepting exchange offer.

Please note that for students going to either the Business School or Economics Department will be allowed to take courses (ie: 50%) outside of their School/Department.

Economics Department

Fact Sheet

Course list in English:

*Note: If in the course catalogue is given "English or German" or "English on Demand" as language of instruction, the course will be taught in English if at least one students attending the course does not speak German.

Business School

Fact Sheet

Course List:

German Language Courses

Former Exchange Students Experience

Business School Information

Possible Quota for Econ Department: 0

Possible Quota for Business School: 3-4