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Other Notes
Visa/Resident Permit

The Swedish Migration Agency is introducing new procedures for stricter checks of passports in connection with application for a residence permit. From 1 November, applicants for a resident permit must show their passport at an in-person visit before the Swedish Migration Agency can make a decision.

Details of the rule can be found from Swedish Migration Agency’s website at
With this new rule, students who can enter Sweden without visa may now need to visit the Swedish Consulate General/ Embassy in which they currently reside. Students who are required to show the original passports will be contacted by the Swedish Migration Agency on the appointment booking. The applications will be known only after the passports are checked. Besides, they are asked not to enter Sweden before receiving the decisions.
Since Swedish Consulate General in Hong Kong no longer provides visa services, it’s very likely that students who are contacted by the Swedish Migration Agency will need to go the Swedish Consulate General in Beijing or Shanghai only.

Students choosing Swedish Institutions for exchange must bear this, and the associated risks in mind.

Master Course
Master courses are now only available to Master students due to the courses high intensity and being based on prior knowledge in Business Studies.

Course Completion
Exchange Students to Uppsala must register for exams for all enrolled courses. Failure to register for exams resulting in incomplete courses are not accepted by Uppsala. In addition, re-sitting exams that delay credit transfer process will also not be accepted.

Students that fail to take exams at Uppsala will not get credit transfer and exchange sponsorship/scholarship.

Digital Materials (including Campus Photos and fact sheet)
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Possible Quota: 2-3