Outbound Exchange

Program Overview

In today’s highly interdependent world, having a global mindset is crucial to success. Here, at the HKUST Business School, our Overseas Exchange Program provides an ideal opportunity for undergraduate business students to gain international exposure. Since the beginning of this program, around 5,000 HKUST students have been on semester exchanges at top institutions worldwide.

In the year 2023-24, close to 400 of our students have spent a term in one of 145 well-known and respected business schools around the world. Our constantly expanding list of partner schools means an ever-widening range of choices for students. You, too, can join them and get the most out of your university experience overseas.

Besides our semester exchange program, students can also explore other study abroad opportunities such as summer exchange, China exchange, short-term study programs, and visiting programs.


50% Students go on exchange every year
145 World-renowned exchange partners
400 Incoming exchange students spend a semester at HKUST

Student Testimonials

CHEN, Sophia

Maastricht University, the Netherlands
BBA in Information Systems & Management
Fall 2022
My exchange experience was amazing, providing me with countless opportunities to travel around and made lifelong friendships. Through my travels, I learned so much about ways of living and got better in communication. The practical skills are all applicable in my post-graduate life. For anyone considering an exchange program, I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of this incredible chance to expand your horizons and build connections around the globe. 

LO, Siu Kit

University of Southern California, United States
BBA in Professional Accounting & Information Systems
Fall 2022
My exchange programme to US is one of the unforgettable memories in my life. The USC professors and students were friendly and supportive. They made me feel comfortable and welcome. I loved to spend time with my friends and participate in different extracurricular activities. I highly recommend the exchange programme to all of you if you are looking for an unique and transformative experience! Again, I enjoyed my time in USC so much!

LO, Chak Sum

Lund University, Sweden
BSc in Quantitative Finance
Fall 2022
My study abroad experience in Sweden was a rollercoaster of emotion. Over the course of 5 months, I faced numerous challenges and obstacles that pushed me to my limits. However it was through these struggles that I learned the most about myself and world around me. Life is not always easy, and we must willing to adapt amd grow in face of adversity. For those who are interested in studying abroad, I say go for it and prepare yourselvesfor a truly tranformative experience!.

HO, Milly

University of Maryland, United States
BBA in Information Systems
Fall 2022
My exchange experience is nothing but short of transformative, I was able to develop a greater sense of independence by living in a foreign country and navigating unfamiliar situations. This newfound independence has served me well in my person and professional life, allowing me to approch challenges with a sense of resilience and adaptability. I am glad that I have transformed into an independent and confident girl after the exchange!