Preparing for Exchange

To prepare for your semester at HKUST, students should familiarize themselves with the below information.

Calendar Dates

Students from our partner Schools can choose to exchange to HKUST Business School for either one semester (Fall or Spring) or for one full academic year (Sept to May)

Exchange TermPeriod
Fall Semester September - Decemeber
Spring Semester End-January/Beg-February - May
Year-Long September - May

More details on calendar dates can be found at the below links

2023-24 Official HKUST Calendar Dates
2023-24 Important Dates for Exchange

Fall 2023Date
Earliest check-in date 29 Aug
Orientation Program 31 Aug
Fall Semester Commences 01 Sep
Buddy Program Activity 02 Sep
Add/Drop period 01-14 Sep
The day following the Mid-Autumn Festival  (No class) 30 Sep
National Day (No class) 01 Oct ^The day following National Day 2 Oct (No class)
Chung Yeung Festival (No class) 23 Oct
Last Day of Fall Semester 30 Nov
Study Break 01-06 Dec
Examination Period 07-19 Dec
Last day of Fall Semester 19 Dec
Latest check-out date 03 Jan 2024
Spring 2024Date
Earliest check-in date TBC
Orientation Program TBC
Spring Semester Commences 31 Jan
Add/Drop Period 31 Jan-16 Feb
Buddy Program Activity TBC
Ching Ming Festival (No class) 04 Apr
Good Friday (No class) 29 Apr
Day following Good Friday (No class) 30 Apr
Easter Monday (No class) 1 Apr
Mid Term Break 28 Mar-05 Apr
Labor Day (No class) 01 May
Study Break 11-16 May
Examination Period 17-29 May
The Birthday of the Buddha 15 May
Last Day of Spring Semester Classes 29 May
Latest check-out date 02 Jun
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We offer a well-rounded and valuable academic experience for incoming undergraduate Exchange students here at the HKUST Business School.

Our course offerings vary each term, but all are designed to providing you with an enriching learning experience in a stimulating international environment. You will find that all our courses are structured according to international best practices and standards.

Our programs cover essential business disciplines in an environment that is both international and interactive. The majority of our Faculty has international backgrounds and has obtained PhD's from top universities around the world. The medium of instruction at our Business School is English.

We have a wide variety of course offerings in various departments for you to choose from:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Global Business
  • Information Systems
  • Operations Management
  • Management of Organizations
  • Marketing

Our School of Engineering, School of Science, School of Humanities and Social Science also offers a wide variety of courses that may interest you. You can also join any other courses offered during your Exchange Term providing you meet the course requirements and if there are seats available.

Wish to gain some understanding of Chinese while you are studying with us? Our Language Center offers a Beginner’s Putonghua Course for exchange students in both the Fall and Spring Terms, so you can learn the local language. The courses are credit-bearing, but please note that seats are limited.

More Information for Courses and Learning


Exchange students live in university arranged housing and can choose to stay on-campus in undergraduate student halls located near the seafront within close walking distance to many recreational amenities or off-campus at the Jockey Club Hall located near the Tseung Kwan O MTR station.

To apply, exchange students need only indicate their preference in their exchange application form. Hall allocations will be emailed to students in the month before arrival. The charges for semester and year-long exchange are roughly HK$13,000, and HK$26,800, respectively.

Since the Student Housing and Residential Life Office (SHRLO) operates as a separate office, you can find more information at the below links:

Student Visa

The Hong Kong Immigration Department requires all non-local students to obtain a student visa in order to study in Hong Kong. In general, if you do not possess the right of abode or the right to land in Hong Kong, or hold a dependent’s visa, then you will require a student visa.

All exchange students who require a student visa, are to route their applications through HKUST for handling. After receiving confirming of your exchange, you will have access to the visa application instructions. Students should mail their visa applications to HKUST who will submit the package to Hong Kong Immigrations on your behalf. The processing time is around 6-8 weeks. When the visa is issued, HKUST will collect it and mail it to you before your departure for Hong Kong.


You are required to purchase travel insurance through HKUST that covers the duration of your study. The policy provides for the coverage listed below. For details about the policy, please click here.

  • Medical and hospitalization for illnesses and accidents
  • Personal liability
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation

Students who fail to comply with the insurance requirements will not be able to officially register at HKUST.

Exchange Student Fee

Exchange students have a fee payment of about HK$14,400 for semester exchange, and HK$27,400 for year-long exchange. This fee includes semester accommodations, insurance, and the student visa processing fee. Tuition fees at HKUST are waived, but exchange students still need to pay tuition at their home university.

Living Expenses

Wondering about your living expenses for the exchange program? We have provided the following breakdown of the estimated costs of attending HKUST per term:

Food (no meal plan, roughly HK$35/meal on campus) HKD$14,000
Exchange Student Fee (Insurance, Visa, Housing) HKD$15,000
Books and Supplies HKD$1,500
Local Transportation, Personal and Incidental Expenses* HKD$12,000
Total HKD$42,500
Approximately US$5,463

* This category of expense includes entertainment and shopping at a reasonable level on weekends. It does not include travel outside Hong Kong for holidays.

Orientation Activities

A mandatory Orientation will be held in the last working day before the first day of the semester. Details on this orientation will be provided prior to arrival. In addition, the Office of Global Learning (OGL) organizes other exchange activities which can be found at this link.

Buddy Program

Business Exchange students are automatically registered in a one-on-one Business Buddy Program. Students will get details of their matched buddy in the month before arrival.

Photo Competition

SBM UG Exchange-in Photo Competition showcases student's unique and mesmerizing exchange experience in Hong Kong during their exchange study at HKUST.

Winners from 2023/24 Fall


1st Place: Ohan ASKARYAN  (Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany)

Heart of Tai Mo Shan              

The picture was taken near the peak of Tai Mo Shan after a very fun hike to the highest mountain of Hong Kong!

2nd Place: CHEN, Siying  (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Living off the Sea

Under the setting sun, the shimmering waves adorn the seaside of Sai Kung, while the local fishermen sell their daily catch on the docks from their fishing boats. This is another side of the world-class financial city of Hong Kong that builds unique and rustic sceneries.

3rd Place: Andrew GONG  (Emory University, US)

Campus from the Sky

Enough of photos taken from the top of hills? And all those hikers winning the glory?
Take a look of the UST campus from above the clouds! Taken from a CX flight flying from the right direction, this photo is meant to showcase the beautiful campus from the sky and make those taken from lower altitudes look pale in comparison. 


Merit Award: Maxime MAHERAULT (NEOMA Business School, France)

Happy discoveries : Temples, Hong-Kong and Friends

This photo was taken during the tour supervised by the SBM team, when we visited a temple. It displays my friends Galatée  (left), Simon (middle) and myself (right). Behind us can be seen the magnificent trees of the temple, as well as the high buildings that are so typical of Hong Kong.


Merit Award: Galatee Marie Mina DUCHENE (NEOMA Business School, France)

Iconic and timeless Hong Kong 

Old neon lights and city buses in Mongkok at night.


Merit Award: GUO, Zirui (University of Mannheim)

The Stanley Pier              

Standing on Blake Pier at Stanley, I'm embracing Hong Kong's culture in local style attire as an exchange student. This historic pier, with its iconic steel roof, symbolizes the city's blend of tradition and modernity. As I gaze over the water, I feel deeply connected to the island's rich maritime heritage. Immersed in this vibrant environment, I'm not just observing but living the unique local lifestyle, making this experience an integral part of my journey in Hong Kong.

Winners from 2022/23 Spring 

1st Place: Arthur Sbert Feret Du Longbois (ESADE Business School)
Conquering Lion’s Rock: Our international squad pointing at Hong Kong’s glowing Skyline

Our expedition to Lion’s Rock was an unforgettable adventure. As exchange students from different parts of the world, we embarked on a mission to conquer the peak and witness the breathtaking views of the city at sunset. Despite the challenging hike, we encouraged and supported each other along the way, forging strong bonds of friendship. When we finally reached the top, the panoramic vista of Hong Kong’s skyline was simply awe-inspiring. It was a moment of triumph and joy that we will always treasure, a testament to the power of camaraderie and shared experiences.
2nd Place: Ivan Sysoev (New Economic School)

Wildlife and the metropolis

I took this photo when I was hiking with friends from different countries. We went up to look at the city from above during sunset and we managed to do it. You can see the sharp contrast between nature and city life.
3rd Place: Tim Luka Jochims (WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management)
Lions Peak Hike

During my exchange in Hongkong we have been on our first hike at the Lions Rock. It was a great experience to share with many friends you just made. Even though it was quite hard sometimes, we motivated each other to not give up. The view on top was well worth the pain and a once in a lifetime Moment. Thanks to everyone sharing that unforgettable moment with me. Thank you HKUST! 

Winners from 2022/23 Fall  

1st Place: LEENKNECHT, Jacob Patrick (KU Leuven)

Lion's rock at cloudy night

The sunset and night views on Lion's Rock peak makes you forget the effort towards it.

2nd Place: MARTINEZ MARTINEZ, Paloma (University of Navarra)

Climbing through life

Hong Kong has so many amazing hikes and people but the suicide cliff definitely is the best one. You can see all of Hong Kong from up there and you surely have the best time ever while doing it

3rd Place: KRY, Meilee Chen (Cornell University)

Race against the sunset

With time in HK dwindling, hiking this trail with the high incline was a hard task. Hong Kong has so many remarkable hikes and places to explore, but getting to see this amazing sunset at such high elevation was amazing to experience.

  Merit Award: GRAEFF, Karla Emilia (KU Leuven)

Dragon Boat Mornings in Hong Kong

The picture shows the dragon boat team's experience day. Saturday's water training with the dragon boat team members created some of my favorite memories of Hong Kong.

  Merit Award: NAGEL, Sarah Sophie (Copenhagen Business School)

No better way to explore Hong Kong than from a junk boat

Junk boat party with many new friends with lots of swimming, music, food and good vibes

Merit Award: ONG, Jazlyn Wan Qing (National University of Singapore)

Win Some with Dim Sum!

A feast for your eyes and a treat for you guys! If your tummy gets hungry, try dim sum, it's yummy! We smelled an aroma from afar, and thought it was pretty bizarre! So we patronized a roadside stall, just beside a really big mall. To our surprise, it turned out real nice! So come here and I promise, you'll surely be astonished!

  Merit Award: OBERHOESSEL, Clara Maria Donata (KU Leuven)

City night lights

One can see Hong Kong's breathtaking Skyline at night from the perspective of a Junk Boat - a definite must do during ones stay in here Hong Kong!
Hong Kong has one of the most spectacular and beautiful Skyline in the entire world, where one can not only see the Victoria Harbor and the colourful skyscrapers scenery but also the impressive natural environment.
Merit Award: TROSVIK, Emil (BI Norway)

Green and fresh study break

Sai Wan waterfalls. Three exchange students from HKUST, from different countries. None of us had ever been to Hong Kong earlier and did not know anyone when we arrived. We met early in the semester, quickly became friends, and went hiking together in Hong Kong's beautiful nature.
Merit Award: PRZYBYSIAK, Krzysztof Tomasz (Kozminski University)

HK inner local experience

The photo shows me and my local friend while exploring mysterious and non-obvious places in Hong Kong and delving into cultural differences, relationships and history between China and Hong Kong.





Course Outlines

For Business Course Outlines, Credits, and Pre-Requisite Requirements, you may check under the homepage of respective departments listed on our Business School website. Some departments will have detailed course outlines posted.

For information on non-business courses, visit the university-wide academic course catalog.

Course Credits is indicated in a vector on the right-hand side of the title. For example, a course with a vector of [3-1-0:4] denotes a course that has 3 lecture hours plus 1 tutorial hour a week over a 13 week semester and is worth a total of 4 credits.

Learning Expectations

Many of our courses have pre-requisite requirements; particularly with 2000- and 3000- level courses. Students are responsible for checking and making sure they met the pre-requisite requirements of their selected courses.

Learning Expectations

Our courses generally comprise of lectures, case analyses, class presentations, and written papers or projects. Attendance, which is mandatory, class participation, and final examinations (format varies) are considered in assigning the final course grade. Here are more details on Learning Expectations:

Language of Instruction English
Class Format Lectures, case analyses / presentations, papers and projects
Attendance Class attendance is mandatory
Participation Class participation is part of a student's final grade in most courses
Grading Letter graded, with grade D the marginal pass; final course grade often based on class participation, projects, case analyses, mid-term and final exams
Class Size normally 30-40 students per class in 200- and 300- level courses
Course Load 4-5 courses with a maximum total number of 17 credits
Course Choices Exchange students have the same freedom in course selection as regular students. They can select courses as long as they meet the prerequisite requirements and if there are vacancies available in their selected courses
Examinations Exam formats vary in each course. Final examinations are written in the last 2 weeks of the semester. Leaving before your exams are finished is generally not permitted

Course Selection and Registration

Exchange Students will receive comprehensive details on how to select courses by email about 2 months before the start of their exchange semester. The information will include links to the Semester Course Offerings List (for pre-approval), Course Timetable, and online Course Selection system. To give you a better idea, here is a general idea of the timeline for the process:

Semester Course Offerings List Beg July End Nov
Confirmed Timetable Released End July Mid Dec
Submit Only Course Selections Form and upload Transcripts End July End Dec
Advising and feedback on selections by HKUST Beg Aug Beg Jan
Course Registration (Prior to Arrival based on Selection Form) Eng Aug Eng Jan
Add/Drop Period to make course changes Beg Sep Beg Feb

Notes for Course Selection & Registration

  • Students are to check and make sure they meet the pre-requisite requirements of their selected courses.
  • In order to assess whether pre-requisite requirements have been fulfilled, students must submit an updated English transcript with their Course Selections Form
  • The maximum credit load is 17 credits or 5 courses
  • Students are pre-registered in their selected courses prior to their arrival based on their selections.
  • Students must fill in their Selection form with alternatives. If a class is full, you will be put on the waiting list; at the same time, you will be registered into your alternative where a seat is available. Please do not leave your alternatives open on the course selection form or you will risk not getting enrollment into a full course load
  • It is very important for students to submit their Course Selections from in a timely manner or there is a risk of not getting enrollment.