Dialogue with Executive Series/ Creative Mind in Business

Dialogue with Executive Series

Real-world knowledge and business savvy is important for a business student’s success. That is why our UG Programs Office regularly invites senior executives from a range of industries to share their views, offering you executive-level insights into some of the biggest trends impacting business world.

Creative Mind in Business

In an effort to inspire and motivate business students, the UG Programs Office organizes a series of talks by founders or co-cofounders of leading companies who have had an indelible impact on the industry. These creative entrepreneurs will tell you about their ups and downs, their failures and successes so that the others may be inspired to follow their trailblazing path.

HSBC trading floor - My Second Home by William Shek, Managing Director, Head of Credit & Rates, Asia-Pacific of HSBC [Sep 27, 2016]

Management Consulting Careers in Asia An Insider's Perspective by Mr. Benjamin Quinlan, CEO & Managing Partner of Quinlan & Associates [Sep 5, 2016]