Program Highlights

The Business School offers comprehensive business programs for students with different academic interest and career aspirations. Take a glance at the program highlight videos to understand how our highly-flexible curriculum suits your or your students' needs and aspirations! 

We also prepared an admission video (HERE) if you want to find out more about the admission procedure and details. 



BBA Economics

  1. Use of economics for sound business and policy decisions
  2. In-depth knowledge in behavior of firms and markets, economic growth, business cycles, and public policies
  3. Multi-disciplinary perspectives to understand any issues and strategize solutions


BBA Finance

  1. Analytical and critical thinking skills in decision making as well as qualitative and quantitative analyses in finance
  2. In-depth knowledge in corporate finance, investment analysis and portfolio management, derivative securities, financial markets and institutions

BBA Global Business

  • Develop a global mindset with the option of two semester-long exchanges in different continents
  • Drive social change and become responsible business and community leaders
  • Share inspirations with extensive GBUS mentorship and alumni network

BBA Information Systems

  • Integrating technology and business with a solid foundation in IS applications and business analytics
  • Two specialized options in IS Auditing and Business Analytics
  • Preparation for certification in IS auditing (CISA) and network administration (CCNA)

BBA Management

  • Become effective global managers and entrepreneurs through training in problem solving, decision making, leadership, and teamwork
  • Three specialized options in Consulting, CSR & Sustainability and Human Resources Management

BBA Marketing

  • Understand market environment and consumer behavior through quantitative and qualitative marketing research
  • Practical, relevant and interactive learning with extensive use of marketing games and simulations
  • Develop effective strategies that grow sales and profits

BBA Operations Management

  • Supply chain management to facilitate effective decision making in operations
  • Alignment of people, process and technology with hands-on application in company projects
  • Specialized option in Business Analytics

BBA Professional Accounting

  • Curriculum that develops students' professionalism through internship, case competitions and business networking
  • International accreditation and partnerships including AACSB, ACCA, CPA Australia, and HKICPA
  • Specialized option in Accounting Analytics

BSc Economics and Finance

  • Strong emphasis on the use of quantitative methods and techniques
  • In-depth knowledge in both economics and finance
  • Solid preparation for economics/business research and further studies


BSc Quantitative Finance

  • For high-caliber students with a strong desire to become quantitative finance professionals
  • Further knowledge in quantitative trading and risk management
  • Enhanced quantitative skills of statistical & mathematical tools and computational programming

BSc Risk Management and Business Intelligence

  • The first undergraduate degree program in Hong Kong SAR to integrate risk management and business intelligence
  • A unique opportunity for talented students with a strong background in quantitative and computing skills to empower themselves to meet the challenges of these sought-after professional fields
  • The program develops students' comprehensive quantitative and statistical skills, high-quality analytical and problem-solving abilities, and a firm grasp of business fundamentals

BSc Sustainable and Green Finance

  • The first of its kind program in Hong Kong SAR that intends to nurture students to fill the global talent gap for top-level green and sustainable finance
  • Students will explore various sustainable investing strategies, concepts, policies and the latest trend and how to integrate Environment, Sustainable and Governance (ESG) factors in investment decision-making process
  • The interdisciplinary nature of the program will give students a broad-based learning experience that cuts across finance as well as environmental science; and the wide range of co-curricular programs will provide them with a global outlook on the development of sustainable and green finance

BSc Biotechnology and Business

  • For more information, please visit the program website.

BSc Mathematics and Economics

  • For more information, please visit the program website

World Bachelor in Business

  • Jointly offered by University of Southern California (United States), HKUST (Hong Kong SAR), and Bocconi University (Italy)
  • For more information, please visit the program website