Program Overview

The HKUST Business programs are designed to provide students with a broad foundation of knowledge and great flexibility in learning. We ensure students make their right choices and acquire multidisciplinary skills that are in tune with today's business environment. The Business School has 19 undergrduate programs, categorized by the program nature into three groups:

Business Programs   Joint/Interdisciplinary Programs   Joint University Program

Business Programs

The Year 1 curricula of all business programs are identical and at least half of the program seats for each major are reserved for students admitted into Business and Management. Based on personal strengths and preferences, you can opt for a major at the point of admission. Alternatively, you can spend the first year exploring your interests and choose your major at the end of the first year or in the middle of the second year. Ample academic advising by faculty advisors and pre-major counselors will be offered to guide you through the decision making process.

The School offers nine bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) programs and four quantitative Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs. #@

Students pursuing a BBA degree could opt for one of 50+ combinations of single- or multiple-major. Planned overall program seats are listed below for reference:

JUPAS CodeProgramsPlanned Major SeatsPlanned Local Intake at Admission^
JS5300 Business and Management (School-based admission) Declare major(s) at the end of the first few semesters^ 377
JS5311 BBA Economics 110 125 (Combined intake for programs JS5311, JS5314, JS5315, JS5316 & JS5317)
JS5312 BBA Finance 140 30
JS5313 BBA Global Business 60 26
JS5314 BBA Information Systems 220 125 (Combined intake for programs JS5311, JS5314, JS5315, JS5316 & JS5317)
JS5315 BBA Management 205
JS5316 BBA Marketing 220
JS5317 BBA Operations Management 150
JS5318 BBA Professional Accounting 210 60
JS5331 BSc Economics and Finance 60 26
JS5332 BSc Quantitative Finance 40 20
JS5814 BSc Risk Management and Business Intelligence# 45 23
JS5822 BSc Sustainable and Green Finance@ 30 18

Students interested in pursuing a more diverse set of business knowledge without a specialized focus can also opt for BBA General Business Management.

In the past major selection exercise for BBA majors, over 90% SBM students could enroll into their first or second choice major. Around 80% of business students graduate with more than a single major.

Joint / Interdisciplinary Programs

Other than programs solely run by HKUST Business School, business students may apply to pursue a Dual Degree or a joint / interdisciplinary program upon completion of the first year of study: 

Joint Programs

Interdisciplinary Programs

Joint University Program

World Bachelor in Business(WBB)

The World Bachelor in Business (WBB) partnership between the University of Southern California (United States), HKUST (Hong Kong SAR), and Bocconi University (Italy), represents a bold new undertaking in higher education. For a pioneering group of 45 students, the WBB will provide unparalleled opportunities and challenges.  Please note that this program has different application timelines, admission requirements, and fees. Please refer to the program website for more information.

Business Programs   Joint/Interdisciplinary Programs   Joint University Program

^Intake quota subject to minor adjustment.

#BSc Risk Management and Business Intelligence is jointly offered by the School of Business and Management, the School of Engineering and the School of Science.

@BSc Sustainable and Green Finance is jointly offered by the School of Business and Management and the Division of Environment and Sustainability.