Extended Major

In addition to the traditional double major and/or minor approach, the innovative concept of extended major is introduced to allow students to systematically complete traditional business major(s) and extended major at their choice within the four-year time frame.

Business students will apply for an extended major after they commence their Year 2 study and confirm their first business major. 

Features of Extended Major

  • Students are not required to decide whether they would like to take an extended major at the time of admissions. 
  • Instead, students can discover academic interest and strength at their own pace and apply for enrolment in an extended major at the end of the third semester (i.e. Year 2 Fall term), after the first business major is confirmed.
  • All business students, admitted to the School either through program-based admission or school-based admission (i.e. Business and Management), are eligible to apply for an extended major if they meet the requirements. 
  • Becasuse of the curriculum structure of joint programs (i.e. BSc Risk Management and Business Intelligence, BSc Sustainable and Green Finance, BSc Biotechnology and Business, BSc Mathematics and Economics) and GBM major, student of these programs are not eligible to take an extended major. 
  • Students will complete both the 120-credit business curriculum and the additional of 21-24 credits extended major curriculum within the four-year time frame.
  • Students completing the extended major will graduate with both the titles of the selected business degree and extended major (e.g. BBA in Management and Marketing, with the extended major in Digital Media and Creative Arts).

Extended Major Options


Artificial Intelligence

  • The extended major in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is suitable for students who wish to build solid knowledge in innovative applications of AI upon their business specialization.
  • Fundamental knowledge in calculus, statistics and programming are expected.
  • The intake quota is 30.
  • The extended major in AI requires students to take at least 22 credits, including cross-disciplinary seminars, a capstone design course, and AI-rich industry-sponsored capstone project, etc.
  • The required courses span multiple areas such as advanced programming, machine learning and design thinking.
  • Both business-related elective courses (e.g. Equity with Machine Learning or Business Programming in R) and math-/science-related electives (e.g. Introduction to Mathematics of Image Processing or Data Visualization) are available to accommodate student’s academic interest and career aspirations.

Digital Media and Creative Arts

  1. The extended major in Digital Media and Creative Arts (DMCA) is a good fit for students who wish to master how creativity creates value in business communication that maximize the consumer experience and business model.
  2. It is also a perfect pathway for students who wish to pursue sought-after business major and their passion in art simultaneously.
  3. The intake quota is 15.
  4. The extended major in DMCA requires students to take at least 21 credits, including cross-disciplinary seminars, design thinking course(s), a capstone project, etc.
  5. The required courses equip students with fundamental knowledge in creative and digital media. The elective courses, ranging from Game Programming to Enjoyment of Classical Music, give students great flexibility to pursue their interests. Students may also opt for electives that complement their business studies. For instance, Information Systems and Business Protections for Innovations; Marketing and Visual Communication.