Program Information

1. Will the business programs be very difficult for arts or science students who have never taken any business subjects before?

You don’t need any previous business knowledge to join a business program. You will spend your first two to three semesters on broad-based business foundation courses that will prepare you for more advanced business studies later.

2. How many majors are offered by the Business School to students?

Students can select and specialize in a Bachelor of Science (BSc) program or a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program with single- or multiple-major in the following business disciplines after completing the common business foundation in Year 1.

  • BBA Economics
  • BBA Finance
  • BBA General Business Management
  • BBA Global Business
  • BBA Information Systems
  • BBA Management
  • BBA Marketing
  • BBA Operations Management
  • BBA Professional Accounting
  • BSc Economics and Finance
  • BSc Quantitative Finance

3. What if I want to get into a joint or an interdisciplinary program?

Students may apply for pursuing a joint or an interdisciplinary program upon the completion of the first year of study:

  • BEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management (total 5 years)
  • BSc Biotechnology and Business
  • BSc Environmental Management and Technology
  • BSc in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major
  • BSc Mathematics and Economics
  • BSc Risk Management and Business Intelligence
  • BSc Sustainable and Green Finance

4. When can Business and Management (B&M) students declare their major(s)?

During the first 3 semesters in the Business School, students of the B&M program will take the University Common Core courses and foundation courses of all the major business disciplines.

During this time, they can discover more about their personal aptitudes and interests before deciding on which study path they wish to follow later. After completing sufficient number of credits and foundation courses, they can participate in the major selection exercise and get into their preferred major(s) before the end of their third semester of study.

5. If I am admitted as a Business and Management (B&M) students, is it difficult to enroll in my preferred choice of major?

Major allocation is largely based on students’ performance in respective foundation course(s) corresponding to that major, figures of the past BBA major selection exercises for reference:

  • ~90% get into either 1st or 2nd choice of BBA Major
  • Minimum requirement in respective foundation course: C+

6. Can I choose more than one major?

  • Yes (multiple-major/minor)
  • ~80% graduated with more than a single major
  • Minor options in HKUST
    • Offered by SSCI (Actuarial Mathematics, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Biological Science, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics)
    • Offered by SENG (Aeronautical Engineering, Big Data Technology, Bioengineering, Environmental Sustainability and Management, Information Technology, Robotics, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Technology Management)
    • Offered by SHSS (China Studies, Humanities, Social Science)
    • Jointly offered by SSCI, SENG & SBM (Entrepreneurship), and jointly offered by SHSS & SBM (Psychological and Behavioral Science)

7. What if I find that another major is more interesting and suitable after I get into business school via program-based admission? 

HKUST is very flexible and we always try our best to accommodate the needs of students. If you find that you are more interested in other business programs, you may consult your advisor and apply to switch to the more preferred major. 

8. Will I be allowed to transfer to the Business and Management (B&M) program if I am admitted into other schools?

Yes. You can transfer to B&M program at the end of Year 1 of study provided that you have university entrance scores comparable to those admitted by the business school and you have performed satisfactorily in your first year of study and program transfer interviews. However, you need to be aware that the transfer quota is very limited and vary from year to year.

9. Do you offer any part-time study programs?

No. We do not offer any part-time undergraduate programs.

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