Mainland JEE Applicants

1. Are there any specific subject requirements for the business programs? 

Students from all subjects areas are welcome to apply.

2. Should I choose school-based admission (Business & Management) or specific major programs in my application?

Students applying on basis of mainland JEE qualification should select only one choice in application. Depending on your choice of program, you may additionally select an alternative school-based program choice.

If you are interested in business study in general and would like to take time to explore your program interest and aspiration, you should choose Business and Management to enter the School first and select your desired major(s) at the end of the first few terms. If you have particular interest and understanding in a specific business program (e.g. Marketing), you should put it as your 1st choice and Business & Management as your alternative choice to maximize your chance to be admitted to HKUST Business School (given the smaller intake size of program-based admission). The year 1 curricula of all Business programs are identical. Students entering via either route will start major program study from 2nd year onwards.

3. What result do I need to gain admission? What are the cutoff criteria for last year?

We are unfortunately unable to provide a cutoff score, or predict the likeliness of offering admission, as each application is evaluated individually.

4. Will there be any interviews? 

An admission interview will only be arranged for shortlisted applicants. Interview arrangement will be announced on the online application system and our colleagues will contact you by email. If you are invited to the interview, you MUST attend the interview in order to be further considered for admission.

5. Do I need to travel to Hong Kong SAR to attend the Interview?

Shortlisted JEE applicants would be invited to an interview. The University holds admission interviews in Mainland China so it is not necessary for you to come to Hong Kong SAR for the interview. Detailed arrangements will be confirmed by the University.

6. When will the offer decision be made? How will I be notified?

Following the interviews, admission offers will be issued in batches on a daily basis from late June till early July.

7. Are there any recruitment scholarships?

Entrance scholarships will be awarded to eligible students automatically on a competitive basis in terms of renewable or one-off, full or half tuition waivers. Information on scholarship awards will be provided together with the admission offer. Applicants do not need to submit a separate scholarship application. For details, please refer to here.

8. Do I need TOEFL or IELTS to gain admission?

TOEFL and IELTS can serve as proof of English language proficiency to support your application, but these tests are not necessary as long as you are taking English in the subject of “Foreign Language” in JEE and being shortlisted for our interview and perform well in interview. Those who are not taking English in “Foreign Language” must possess valid results of international English proficiency test that are recognized by HKUST. Such results must be submitted together with the application for admission. Please see the University’s English Language requirements under the International Qualification section.

9. Where can I find information about student halls and how to apply?

Currently, HKUST has 10 Undergraduate Student Halls (9 on-campus halls and 1 off-campus) 5 of which have student halls with students’ associations. Non-local students are guaranteed university accommodation for the first 2 years of study. From the 3rd year onwards, students are advised to plan ahead to arrange off-campus accommodation if application for on-campus accommodation is not successful. You may visit here for further information.

Following accepting an admission offer, you should refer to the Admissions Portal for updates on the application period and procedure for student housing.

10. How's the HKUST mainland graduates’ placement?

HKUST ranked No. 1 in Hong Kong, No. 3 in Greater China, and No. 30 Worldwide (Global Employability Survey 2022). Our Business School offers a full range of professional career services and trainings to our undergraduate students.

Based on the survey of the class of 2022, about 40% of mainland graduates pursued further studies in Hong Kong SAR or overseas. For the remaining mainland graduates, 89% entered the banking and finance sector, 7% joined administration/management sector. The remaining entered accounting/auditing/taxation sector. 

The top 15 employers of recent business graduates are PwC, HSBC, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, UBS, Hang Seng Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Societe Generale, Citibank, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, AlphaSights and L'Oreal Hong Kong.

11. Can I pursue postgraduate studies after obtaining the undergraduate degree?

HKUST undergraduate students benefit from faculty’s extensive and close connection with top business schools all over the world. HKUST as a research university, our courses and interaction with faculty lay very solid foundation for research-focused students. The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) engages UG students early on in research areas they’re interested in.

Mainland graduates’ destination of further studies include Boston University (USA), Cornell University (USA), HKUST (HK), Imperial College London (UK), London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), MIT (USA), New York University (USA) and etc.. Apart from business disciplines, graduates also pursue further studies in engineering and science disciplines.

12. Do I need to know Cantonese or Chinese to study at HKUST?

No. Applicants applying to HKUST are not required to know Cantonese. The medium of instruction at HKUST is English. All the lectures, course materials and work will be conducted in English except for language courses and a small number of courses which require Chinese usage.

13. Can students apply for the World Bachelor of Business (WBB) program?

WBB is a self-financing program jointly offered with University of Southern California (USA) and Bocconi University (Italy). Students may submit a separate WBB application via USC’s Common Application in addition to their HKUST application.

Please refer to the program website for more information.

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