International Qualifications Applicants

HKUST Business School holistically assesses applicants with international or national qualifications. This page shows the admission requirements and standards of the three most common international qualifications, namely IB Diploma, British GCE A-Level and SAT/AP.

If you are taking other international or national qualifications, please visit HERE for details.

Subject-specific Requirements

Except the quantitative-oriented programs listed below, other business programs do not require specific mathematic subject. Students from all subjects are welcome to apply.

BSc Economics and Finance
BSc Quantitative Finance

BSc Risk Management and Business Intelligence
  • IBDP: HL Mathematics
  • GCEAL: Further Mathematics
  • SAT / AP: SAT MATH II or AP Calculus BC
  • Other qualifications: Senior Level Mathematics
BBA Economics
BBA Finance

BSc Sustainable and Green Finance
  • IBDP: HL Mathematics or SL Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches
  • GCEAL: Mathematics or Further Mathematics
  • SAT/AP: SAT MATH I or MATH II or AP Calculus AB or Calculus BC
  • Other qualifications: Mathematics

Boundary Scores

The boundary scores below are for general reference only. Applicants’ overall profiles are always holistically assessed. Those with strong academic/non-academic profiles but marginally miss the reference scores may also be considered.

  • IBDP ≥34
  • SAT Reasoning ≥1320


Application Choices

Students applying on basis of international qualifications can select up to two application choices.

If you are interested in business study in general and would like to take time to explore your program interest and aspiration, you should choose the application choice of "Business and Management" to enter the School first and select your desired major(s) at the end of the first few semesters.

If you have particular interest and understanding in a specific business program (e.g. Marketing), you should put it as your 1st choice and school-based admission choice of "Business & Management" as your 2nd choice or alternative choices to maximize your chance to be admitted to HKUST Business School (given the smaller intake size of program-based admission).

The year 1 curricula of all Business programs are identical. Students entering via either route will start major program study from 2nd year onwards.

Important Dates and Assessment/ Offer Timeline (for 2024 Intake)

The assessment of applications and offer decisions are conducted on a rolling basis. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible.

The important dates below are for general reference.

25 Sep
Application opens
    21 Nov
    Deadline for early round application
      Interview (if applicable)
        Late Dec
        Announcement of offers on a rolling basis
          9 Jan
          Deadline for main round application
            Announcement of main round offers
              Late Jul
              1 Sep
              Term commencement