Program Highlights

Business Seminars

Know more about our business disciplines through the mini-lectures conducted by our business school professors.

Click here to know more about our business majors.

Business Enrichment Workshops

Equip yourself with various essential business skills through enrichment workshops conducted by experienced business practitioners and trainers.

Social Gatherings

Mingle with business professors, current business students and potential future classmates at the program.

Outstanding Participation Awards

Participants who attend 5 or more sessions will receive an outstanding participation award certificate.

  1. Gold Award - 7 attendance
  2. Silver Award - 6 attendance
  3. Bronze Award - 5 attendance 

Business Summer Camp

Business Summer Camp is a residential program on campus featuring business workshops, simulations and social activities that lets highly motivated secondary 4 and 5 (or equivalent) local students to experience U-life with our student leaders. A separate application will be needed (opens around February). Active participation in Business Youngstars will give advantages in the Business Summer Camp application.

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