Note To Campers


Meals & Accommodation

meal Meals and accommodation are included, so you do not have to bring a large sum of money. A small sum of pocket money will do.


tshirt We will provide two T-shirts for you to wear during the program. There are also laundry facilities at HKUST, so there is no need to bring too much clothing.


security As the university is a semi-public place, we advise you to be cautious on       necessary security measures. Lock      your door when you go out and do not bring valuable belongings.


Special Notes About Safety
To ensure the safety of the participants and the smooth progress of the camp activities, participants are are required to stay throughout the whole program and attend all activities. Your group leaders will show you the fire exit of the hall when you check in the hall, please observe carefully. Should you need to arrive late or leave the camp during the program, you will be immediately disqualified to join the camp and no refund will be arranged.


Arrangement for Typhoon or Black Rainstorm Warning and Inclement

 1.Weather Typhoon signal no. 8 or the black rainstorm warning

  1. If typhoon signal no. 8 is hoisted or the black rainstorm warning is issued on the first day of the program and not lowered before 12 noon, activities on that day will be cancelled. Program registration will be postponed to 8:30 am at Lecture Theatre D of the following day (12 July).
  2. If the warning is lowered before 12 noon on Day 1, program registration will start at 2pm at Lecture Theatre D on the same day.
  3. If either signal is hoisted after the start of the program, the camp will be conducted as usual. However, outdoor activities or events which involve outside guests speakers may be cancelled. Group leaders will assist to arrange food and beverage during the stay. Participants are NOT allowed to leave the camp except with parents' consent.

2.Typhoon signal no. 3 or the red/amber rainstorm warning

  1. If typhoon signal no. 3 or the red/amber rainstorm warning is issued, all activities will carry on in indoor area. Participants are NOT allowed to leave the camp except with parents' consent.


  1. Participants will be notified of the final arrangement by phone from group leaders if the camp needs to be cancelled on Day 1 due to typhoon no. 8 or black rainstorm warning.
  2. The HKUST Business School reserves the right to alter or cancel any sessions or activities. No refund will be given to the registered participants should these events occur.