Business Summer Camp


Due to the COVID-19, the Business Summer Camp 2022 has to be canceled. Business Summer Camp 2023 is subject to epidemic development in Hong Kong. Stay tuned for more details! 

About Our Program

Step into the business world, learn ways to face up to the challenges ahead of you and gain a competitive edge by joining our Business Summer Camp!

The Business Summer Camp is a live-in program offered by the HKUST Business School. We'll be providing you with a wide variety of programs, including academic seminars taught by our professors, enrichment workshops conducted by seasoned practitioners, business projects, and fun social activities led by our current students.

It is a unique opportunity for highly motivated secondary 4 and 5 (or equivalent) local students like you to explore the business world and experience the full spectrum of university life. Meet like-minded friends and learn the language of BUSINESS!

Our Summer Camp is more than just collecting and memorizing facts - facts are useful, but in a university, we like students to think of NEW IDEAS, share INSIGHTS from experienced practitioners and learn TEAMWORK.

You will stay on campus, live in the dorms and experience the university environment with our current business students. Whether you are a fan of business or just interested in exploring your academic interests, our camp is a perfect choice for your summer.



Participants will receive:
  • A certificate of attendance upon completion of the entire summer camp
  • All pedagogical materials
  • Business Summer Camp T-shirts
  • Exclusive souvenirs from HKUST Business School
  • Insurance - Accident