Extended Major

In addition to the traditional additional major and/or minor approach, the innovative Extended Major framework (Major+X) was introduced to allow students to learn solid knowledge from their own majors plus innovative application of “X” in their major areas within the four-year study time frame. The curriculum of an Extended Major normally comprises 21-24 credits (at least 12 credits single-counted). Students can apply for Extended Major after their 3rd term of study with the first major confirmed. Students who were given an offer of Extended Major would NOT be allowed to join the BBA Additional Major Selection (MSE) conducted at the end of Year 2, even if they decide to opt out of the Extended Major thereafter.

For more information about Extended Major, please visit: https://emia.hkust.edu.hk/extended-majors

Study pathways of SBM majors with an extended major in AI: https://emia.hkust.edu.hk/extended-major-artificial-intelligence-majorai

Study pathways of SBM majors with an extended major in DMCA: https://emia.hkust.edu.hk/extended-major-digital-media-and-creative-arts-majordmca


Programs Available for Selection

  • Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence (Major + AI) – for student cohorts admitted in 2021-22 and thereafter

  • Extended Major in Digital Media & Creative Arts (Major + DMCA) – for student cohorts admitted in 2022-23 and thereafter


  • SBM students with a major and RMBI students (except GBM and other joint programs)
  • For Major +AI: Students should have completed MATH1012/1013/1023 AND MATH1014/1024 (or MATH1020 if transferred) at the time of application for consideration. 
  • Students must be an active student at HKUST at the time of application.

Program Requirements & Ranking Criteria

Extended Major inRequirementsRanking Criteria
Artificial Intelligence (Major + AI) CGA at 3.0 or above and B- in both MATH1014/1024 and ISOM2020

CGA (50%) as well as XCGA (50%) based on a combination of courses: MATH1012/1013/1023 and MATH1014/1024  (MATH1020 considered as meeting the requirement if transferred); ISOM2020; ISOM2500; ISOM2600

Digital Media & Creative Arts (Major + DMCA)
CGA at 3.0 or above preferred CGA



Extended Major inQuota
Artificial Intelligence (Major + AI) 30
Digital Media & Creative Arts (Major + DMCA) 15


FALL 2023 MSE (For 2022/23 intake only)


Application period

  • January 11-15, 2024

Result announcements

  • January 19, 2024