First Year and Pre-major Advising

Academic Affairs and Advising (AAA) Counselors

If this is your first year at our University, you may have a lot of questions about your transition to becoming a university student. That is why our UG Programs Office of the School of Business and Management has Academic Affairs and Advising (AAA) counselors ready to help you. Every student (including freshmen admitted to programs) has a dedicated AAA counselor, who will be pleased to discuss with you your academic plans in the coming few years, provide you with an overview of your curricular and co-curricular programs and activities and connect you to different resources from the University.

For students admitted to programs, you may also contact your Major Counselors for enquiries. For details, please click here.

List of AAA Counselors

HMAW1905C Section (Fall)NameTelephoneEmail (
T01 Ms Fiona WONG  2358 6073 BMFIONAW
T02 Ms Mandy CHAU  2358 8296 BMMANDYC
T03 Mr Klaus CHUNG  2358 7536 BMKLAUS
T04 Mr Samson CHUI  3469 2128 BMSCHUI
T05 Mr Marco CHAN  2358 6900 BMMARCO
T06 Ms Wendy CHEUNG  2358 8047 BMWENDY

Advising by appointment

Students are strongly encouraged to make a 30-minute appointment with the designated AAA Counselors to discuss matters related to your academic needs and personal development. Please complete the online form "My Educational Plan" before the meeting. Login here to make an appointment and complete the form.

Peer Mentors

Once you are admitted to HKUST Business School, we will provide you with a designated peer mentor (a senior year student) to help you adapt to the University and offer you advice and information to facilitate adjustment such as credit transfer, course registration, extra-curricular planning, etc. They will be your valuable resource persons to share their personal experiences with you.

For details about the Peer Mentoring Program, please visit:

UG Faculty Advisors

If you are interested to learn more about the courses and career prospects of programs in which you intend to major, you may consult the relevant UG Faculty Advisors.

ProgramNameEmail (

Programs Offered by SBM

BBA (Economics) Prof. Amber LI
Prof. Kam Wing SIU*
BBA (Finance) Prof. Lynn PI
Prof. Ekkachai SAENYASIRI*
BBA (General Business Management) Prof. Allen HUANG* ACAHUANG
BBA (Global Business) Prof. Tak Koon KOH*
Prof. Emily NASON
BBA (Information Systems) Prof. Percy DIAS*
Prof. James KWOK
BBA (Management) Dr. John COOMBES*
Prof. Stephen NASON
BBA (Marketing) Prof. Wenbo WANG
Prof. Joseph SALVACRUZ*
BBA (Operations Management) Prof. Ki Ling CHEUNG
Prof. Ronald LAU*
BBA (Professional Accounting) Dr. Steven CHEUNG*
Dr. Kelvin MAK
BSc (Economics and Finance) Prof. Amber LI
Prof. Kam Wing SIU*
BSc (Quantitative Finance) Prof. Veronique LAFON-VINAIS
Prof. Ekkachai SAENYASIRI*
Programs Jointly Offered by SBM, School of Engineering (SENG) and School of Science (SSCI)
BSc (Risk Management and Business Intelligence) Prof. Jean WANG* JEANWANG
Programs Jointly Offered by SBM and School of Science (SSCI)
BSc (Biotechnology and Business) Prof. Kenny CHUNG
Prof. Bilian Ni SULLIVAN*
BSc (Mathematics and Economics) Dr. Chi Man LEUNG
Prof. Kam Wing SIU*
Programs Jointly Offered by SBM and Division of Environment and Sustainability
BSc (Sustainable and Green Finance)

Prof. Veronique LAFON-VINAIS*
Prof. Arthur LAU


*UG Coordinator

Faculty Mentors

If you are a freshman and interested to have a Faculty Mentor who may speak with you on non-academic matters such as sharing their personal experiences on matters of mutual interest, in addition to your AAA Counselor, you may sign up voluntarily in the first term after meeting with your AAA Counselor. You will be assigned a Faculty Mentor beginning from Spring of first year (2nd term) based on potential major interest.



Phone: 2358 8296
Location: UG Programs Office (LSK1037), Lee Shau Kee Business Building